The Cause

Ballet Aligned and the Utah Festival Conservatory's "Once Upon a Storytime" Series is an opportunity to for students to share their developing talents with the broader community while making a positive impact in the lives of others. "The Night Before Christmas" is an annual holiday benefit for the Little Lambs Foundation which, over just 3 years, has raised nearly $11,000. Be part of helping foster kids and families in need by joining the cause as a dancer, donor, or business sponsor and help us serve our Cache Valley citizens!

The Night Before Christmas Returns, Dec 2024

Images and Audience reations, 2023:

From Kristen: "[The show] was so amazing!!!! My girls [ages 5 and 2] both couldn’t take their eyes off of the stage the entire time! [My 5 year old] couldn’t even stay in her seat she was so captivated! I loved it! And I’m ready to buy my tickets for the next ten years."

From Teresa: "We LOVED the show. [My granddaughter] now wants to be on stage!"


From Meagan: "Outstanding!! I am so incredibly impressed by everything - the choreography, the set, the music cuts, the costumes, the dancing. Absolutely brilliant job! What a wonderful production you've created!"

From Julianne: "That was amazing! So top-notch, you all did such a great job! We thoroughly enjoyed it!"

From Joel D: "[The show] was awesome. I am super impressed with [your leading man's] skills as well as the others that you involved."

From Helen: "Amazing show! I loved it. [Your leading man] was awesome, [your elf] is a comedic natural, and the show is the work of a mastermind!"

From Ted: "The magic you brought to the stage was not only a captivating performance, but a celebration of compassion, creativity, and community spirit."

Photo Credit to Alexis Spence

Special Thanks To Our:

Sustaining Donors
Michael Ballam and UFOMT *
Stefan Espinosa and Utah Festival Conservatory*
Gail and Ned Weinshenker

Business Sponsors
Citizen Insurance *

*In-kind Donations

Collaborative Partners

Ballet Aligned is the only ballet school in Northern Utah to offer professional training to serious ballet students. They believe in making better ballet more accessible in northern Utah by: 1) giving every student all the necessary tools to succeed in the broader dance world and 2) offering free educational and outreach programs to the broader community. Believing in the power of art as a force for good in the world, their Ballet Benefits are a way for dancers to share their talent in the community, AND to literally make a difference in the world.

Utah Festival Conservatory offers specially designed classes for aspiring young performers ages 4-18 striving to enter the musical theatre field. Professional training and year-round classes in acting, dance, and musical theatre are skill- and age-appropriate and are targeted to help performers take their skills to the next level, increase experience, and maximize growth.

Joel Ackerman is a master story-teller and author of the libretto for our ballet. He has written/produced/directed over 100 videos (ads and other branded video content) which have been viewed nearly half a billion times. He is the Editor in Chief of Print Immortal, a publishing company that publishes “works worthy of immortality” and is also a published author and poet. He currently writes and directs for Angel Studios (distributors of "The Chosen").

Guest Artists - TBA

Additional Thanks

A debt of grattitude to those whose donation of time and talent made this show possible:

Kristine Waetchler: Stage Manager
Keri Gougler: Properties Master
Kyle Stein: Set Designer
Darby Holmes: Poster/program design

Velveteen Rabbit