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Education and Outreach

From Library Storytimes, to booths at various events around the community, to informative lectures and Q&A sessions by Ballet Aligned faculty and guest instructors, we strive to make this wonderful artform accessible to all with low cost or FREE programing! Don’t miss your chance to engage with ballet in YOUR community.

Friday Aug 20, 9:30am, FREE Mommy and Me Movement and Story Time Class  For all children ages 2-5, this story-based dance class will teach elements common to ALL dance forms. Its purpose is to integrate imagination and movement to build physical skills, but ALSO to show parents how they can use movement in their homes to help children with hyperactivity, coordination, focus, expressing emotions or feelings, building confidence, and MORE! The class is just 30 minutes, and taught by Katie Hall, a dance instructor with a bachelors degree in Special Education. Class size is limited. 


Fall Semester Classes

Running Sept 13-Nov 19, Fall Semester Classes are offered for dancers ages 5-12. (See section below for dancers ages 2-6 classes.)


Mommy and Me Movement Classes and Mini Sessions

When dancers (and their attention spans) are small, Ballet Aligned offers 3-4 week classes serving as an introduction to ballet. Mommy and Me Movement and Story Times (age 2-5) are based on children's books and  integrate imagination and movement to build physical skills. Mini Sessions (age 3-6) are based on the music, themes, and stories of famous classical ballets. As dancers engage with these masterpieces, they expand their dance skill and become familiar with simple ballet concepts. Mini Sessions are perfect as a stand-alone experience or can be an educational and delightful supplement to other dance training.

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Geared for dancers of all ages, workshops are multi-day events that should significantly improve the dancing of every participant. They are taught by Ballet Aligned faculty and guest teachers and take place throughout the year during ballet school breaks.


Master Classes

Geared to the intermediate or advanced dancer, these classes are scheduled with top professional teachers, and with specific goals for the dancer in mind. Classes are usually 2-3 hours in length and may include a Q&A before or after class.

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