Fall Semester Frequently Asked Questions

If my child is outside of the recommended age range, can he or she still participate?

Students who exceed the age range may participate as long as the parent acknowledges class content and pacing will not change significantly to accommodate more advanced levels of dance or comprehension. If the dancer turns the age minimum before Oct 1, 2021, he or she may participate. If not, please subscribe to BalletAligned.com to hear about classes opening for younger students. (If you feel your dancer's experience or maturity level merit an exception, please reach out to Steffanie Casperson for approval. Her contact email is beneath the section on questions not answered here.)

Can parents stay and watch?

Ballet Aligned's Fall Semester classes are targeted primarily to children in first grade and beyond. It is expected that ALL students will be able to participate without present parental support. The Allegro Dance Studio (where most Ballet Aligned classes are held) has a foyer with windows from which you can check in on your dancer from time to time. Each class WILL provide a parent watch week opportunity for students to showcase their progress. If your child needs more support, please contact Steffanie Casperson via text or email to work on a solution. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. (Parents are required to remain with their dancers for "Mommy and Me Movement and Storytime.")

Are there refunds offered? Can classes be pro-rated if we know there is one in the session my dancer will miss?

Class sizes are very small and classes will not be prorated for any reason. If you need to miss a class, please ask the teacher for instruction about the concepts covered in the class not attended. Ballet Aligned will offer refunds if Ballet Aligned must cancel a class for any reason. Refunds (full and partial) are NOT offered for Mini Sessions or Mommy and Me Movement and Story Time classes as these are a brief 3 or 4 week commitment. If you find other classes are a poor fit for your child, you may request a partial refund or apply your unused tuition to another class.

What should my dancer wear?

Class-specific dress codes will be emailed to you after you register for each class. However, generally speaking, dance attire helps dancers move, as it is non-restrictive, and ballet shoes are best suited for studio floors: not too slippery, while still allowing dancers to spin and turn. For Ballet Beginnings and Basics classes, girls should be in black leotards and pink tights with ballet slippers, hair secured in a neat bun (skirts should NOT be worn in Ballet Foundations and Pre-Pointe classes). Boys should be in tights or shorts with a tight-fitting T-shirt and black or white ballet slippers. (If boys hair is long, it should also be pulled back into a pony tail at the nape of the neck.) For Musical Theatre classes, comfortable clothes that allow for movement are preferred. Appropriate footwear may include socks, ballet slippers, or jazz shoes.

What Covid precautions is Ballet Aligned taking?

Ballet Aligned class sizes are very small and masks will NOT be required. We ask that dancers NOT attend if they have signs of illness or have known exposure to Covid 19 until they are cleared by health department guidelines.

My dancer's age aligns with multiple classes; which one should I register for?

Within the description for each class there is an indication of the experience level the dancer should have when registering. Base registration on the dancers age AND prior training. The only exception might be if the dancer is in the upper limits of the age range. If the class is not a good fit for your dancer, the teacher may recommend another class, or if one is not offered, refund your unused tuition. (As a rule of thumb, it is more ideal to move a dancer UP a level than down.)

How do I get answers to questions not answered here?

If you have a question not answered on this page, please email steffaniecasperson@gmail.com and include your question in the subject line. Thanks!

How do I register for a Fall Semester Class?

Registration links will be posted beneath each class description 2-4 weeks before each class begins. Registration is only complete when you have completed payment for the class. When a class meets its minimum participation requirements, you will receive a Venmo request or a text with payment instructions. Registration closes when the class is full (number varies by class) or the day before the first class (whatever comes first).