Hansel and Gretel Cast Info

Performance Dates: April 24 at 5:30pm, April 25 at 7pm
Ballet Aligned and the Utah Festival Conservatory continued their partnership to produce Hansel and Gretel, the second ballet benefit in the "Once Upon a Storytime" Series. It was presented as a benefit for The Family Place whose mission is to strengthen families and protect children.  We are delighted to donate proceeds from ticket sales of Hansel and Gretel to further the mission of The Family Place and make a difference to "the one." Thank you for your support of this cause!

Every student who desired to be a part of this show was included!

Copy of Hansel and Gretel (3)

Please note Ballet Aligned's Performance Commitment is a condition of participation.

I recognize that:

1) Roles will not be assigned until as many as 4 weeks AFTER classes begin, but may be assigned earlier.
2) Your dancer is under no obligation to perform. If he/she chooses not to participate in the performance(s), you may receive a refund of my performance fee, IF you opt out no more than 1 week after roles have been assigned.
3) In order to perform, you will need to purchase the tights, shoes, and leotards required by the class's corresponding performance dress code. This will be sent AFTER roles are assigned. These must be purchased and worn to classes BEFORE NOV 15 (and by Mar 15 for the Spring Show) by anyone intending to perform.
4) In order to perform, your dancer must attend 85% of his/her classes from the time of registration to 1 month before the show, and ALL his/her classes for the final month before the show. (This helps ensure dancers are prepared for the show and confident in their role.) If his/her attendance is below this mark, he/she MAY not be able to perform, and MAY forfeit the performance fee. Additionally, your dancer's class attendance and attentiveness may impact whether he/she is invited to participate in the Spring Show.
5) Your dancer will attend 2-4 additional rehearsals held at Ballet Aligned AND on the stage where we will perform, that these will NOT be at regular class times, and will likely take place up to two weeks before the performance. (Specific dates will be announced no later 2 months before the show.)
6) If your dancer misses these additional rehearsals, it MAY result in him/her NOT participating in the performance. (There will be no refund of tickets or performance fees.) Additionally, your dancer's rehearsal attendance and attentiveness may impact whether he/she is invited to participate in the Spring Show.
7) All performers' parents/guardians/older sibs/etc. are expected to volunteer in some capacity related to Ballet Aligned and/or the show. This helps us keep performance and tuition fees low. Your responsiveness in your volunteer role may impact whether or not your dancer is invited to participate in the Spring Show.
8) Any exceptions to the attendance and volunteer requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis in consultation with your teacher AND director, Steffanie Casperson.