Holiday Gatherings Rental – Dec 13-Jan 7, 2024


Holiday Celebration Space for your Family or Business

Let us help you take the work and stress out of your Holiday Celebrations!

  • Pre-decorated, saving you time
  • Table seating for up to 70 people
  • Extra room for kids or food prep
  • Bluetooth speakers, projector, flat screen TV, large whiteboard, piano

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Additional food prep or kids room:



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  • Cleaning Deposit: A $75 cleaning service is automatically added to your reservation. (Get up to a full $75 refund by completing your choice of the tasks described below!) $25 will be refunded if chairs and tables are put away, the trash is taken all the way to the dumpster and the space is dry swept including the back hall and bathrooms. An additional $25 will be refunded if the space is mopped, the mirrors in studio are free from smudges, the stairs are vacuumed, and the bathrooms are cleaned. A full $75 will be refunded upon verification that the space is left in a state of respectful orderliness and does not require additional cleaning efforts. Please specify at the time of the reservation if your party plans to be responsible for the cleaning.
  • Damage Deposit: A fully refundable $250 damage deposit will be added to each reservation. Damage to anything in the space and additional cleaning charges will be deducted from this total before refunds are made (up to 7 days AFTER the reservation has been completed.)

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Optional Add-ons

Make your party extra special or take more work off your plate by booking ANY or ALL of the following:

  • Food servers: $15/hr/person
  • Live piano/vocal talent performing popular songs of your choice: $25/hr
  • White Table Cloth Service up to 5 round tables and 5 rectangle tables: $30 total
  • Set up: $25 +$1/guest for over 30 people (Please note tables and chairs will not be arranged unless you pay for this service.)

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Please note:

  • There is no alcohol to be served on the premises whatsoever. Our lease AND our insurance policy absolutely prohibits this.
  • This location is on a second floor. There is an electric chair for guests to access the space if needed. Please specify if you intend to use of this chair during your reservation.
  • There is no kitchen or sink. Food must be prepared off premises. There are two mini fridges for keeping food cool and a microwave for your use.
  • There are two bathrooms (two toilets).
  • There is ample parking around the building but limited spaces by the entrance.

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Sample Lease Agreement and Cancellation Policy

The sub-lessee agrees to the following:
1. Make sure the reservation request reflects ALL the time you need for space set-up, clean-up, etc. (IF you add cleaning and set-up services to your reservation - deducted from your cleaning deposit - your total reservation does NOT need to include set-up and clean-up time provided said time is less than a combined total of 1 hour.)
2. Pay in full including the cleaning deposit ($75) and damage deposit ($250) to reserve the date and time.
3. Agrees to ensure guests treat the building (and Holiday Gathering staff where present) respectfully, minding noise levels during business hours, leaving parking spaces clear for Quilt Shop customers, and not serving or drinking beer or any alcoholic beverage on the premises. Failure to do so will result in a total forfeiture of the both deposits.
4. Notify Steffanie/Ballet Aligned immediately if there are any issues with the space or equipment. (text or call 435.512.8108)
5. Acknowledge that Cleaning and Damage Deposit refunds may not be issued until up to 7 days after the reservation has been completed.
6. Acknowledge that the safety of guests is your responsibility.
7. Agree to not hold Ballet Aligned nor the property owners financially responsible for injuries to yourself or your guests, or damage or theft to your personal or guests' belongings for the period of the rental and the set up and clean-up time before and after the rental period.
8. Acknowledge that this is a sample agreement and that you will be required to sign the same or similar agreement prior to gaining access to the space.

1. Full refunds on reservations issued for cancellations before Sept 1, 2023.
2. Full refunds less a $75 booking fee issued for cancellations before Oct 9.
3. Cancellations received on or AFTER Oct 10, will ONLY receive a cleaning and damage deposit refund.
4. Cancellations on or after Dec 1 will ONLY receive a cleaning and damage deposit refund LESS a $75 booking fee.

Please call Steffanie at 435.512.8018 with any questions or to arrange time to come see the space!