Local Star in Ballet West’s Sleeping Beauty

Congratulations to Jaycee Preece for being selected as the child lead in the Garland Dance of Ballet West’s Sleeping Beauty! You may remember Jaycee as Winky in The Night Before Christmas (image below). She currently trains at Dance Illusion, Ballet West Academy, and Ballet Aligned. You can catch Jaycee in Ballet West’s spectacular show from Feb 16-18. She will also star as Gretel in Ballet Aligned’s Hansel and Gretel in April.  Jaycee shares some thoughts about the opportunity to be featured in Sleeping Beauty below.

BA: How were you chosen for this role?
JP: I was in my class at Ballet West Academy and one of the teachers came in with a clipboard and started observing our class.  A couple days after they observed I received an email Congratulating me on my role in Sleeping Beauty. I was so excited to be cast as the Leading Garland Couple. I am really excited that I get to partner dance with a boy and that we get a solo featured part.

BA: Tell us about the rehearsal process? (How many practices/week? Company rehearsals? Dress rehearsals, etc.)
JP: We found out the casting only 5 weeks before the show was going to open.  So we have had practices 3-4 times a week.  Now that it is closer to the show opening we get to practice with the Professional Company dancers everytime in the studio! This coming week we have 2 staging rehearsals (without hair & makeup) and two dress rehearsals (with hair & makeup) before it opens this weekend. 

BA: What do you like best about performing in general?
JP: My favorite thing about performing on stage is seeing the audience and getting to show people what I love to do and work so hard at.

BA: What’s the biggest difference between ballet performance and all the other forms of dance you do?
JP: I still get nervous when I’m performing in a ballet but its different.  I don’t feel nervous like i do at a competition. I just want to do a good job for the audience.  It’s also a lot quieter performing in a ballet then other styles :).

BA: Is there anything special or that you particularly enjoy about this opportunity to rehearse and perform?
JP: I love how I have been able to rehearse with the Professional Company Members. It has been so fun talking to them, getting to know them, and see how nice they are to us.  I cannot wait to get to perform on stage with them in Sleeping Beauty!

Come see Jaycee in the show! Ballet Aligned students who attend classes regularly 2x/wk or more have been invited to watch the dress rehearsal for free! But everyone is welcome to grab tickets to the show here.