Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!

To all of our lovely dancers, teachers, actors, and technical crew that made the first Night Before Christmas ballet happen, thank you! Your hard work (and the hard work of the parents and spouses that supported you), helped us make something incredible.

We hope to see you all again next year, and another production this spring!

To make more shows a reality, we need to grow our school! Please help us spread the word.

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The Night Before Christmas was also made possible by generous cash donations totaling $1,000. This money was spent on posters, programs, dry cleaning of the costumes, creating additional costumes for dancers who had more than one role and performers not registered in our classes, and paying lighting and sound crew. We could not have done the show without this financial support. Please consider a financial donation or business sponsorship. We would love to feature sponsors on the website, where all traffic for interest in the shows is directed (and in printed programs and posters where possible). For monetary donations, or any other donation of talent, skill, or support to future "Once Upon a Storytime" Ballet Benefits, please click here and we will reach out to you.