Performance Opportunities with Ballet Aligned

We are pleased to be announcing the addition of a performance opportunity to our Spring Semester!!

Ballet is a performance art, and as such, performing is crucial to the development of the artist. However, aside from the logistical challenges of a performance (theater rental, costumes, music preparation, etc.), there is the real challenge of balancing adequate preparation for a performance with a continued focus on the over-all development of the dancers.

Certainly there is some overlap, but it is rare that any dance performed by a given ballet class demonstrates the best dancing each performer is capable of. In other words, in order that the dance be done well, and that the dancers feel confident and successful in their performance, the actual steps need to NOT be overly challenging. And if you are spending weeks and weeks to work on things that are not a challenge, then the dancers’ progress is slowed.

Wanting the best of BOTH worlds, Ballet Aligned feels Parent Watch weeks are a crucial component of performance opportunity. Within the safety of a classroom setting, dancers can continue to be pushed at the individual level to conquer “the next hard thing.” And parents get to see what and where that is. They get to see ALL the dancer can do, and all he or she is yet working on, rather than a 2 minute piece of the steps everyone feels comfortable doing.

THIS semester, and for the first time, Ballet Aligned will ALSO be offering an opportunity to participate in a recital! “Fairy Tales in the Garden” (our working title of our performance) will highlight our Ballet Beginnings through Advanced classes (we hope!), and provide an opportunity for each dancer to grow by remembering choreography, considering and preparing to share his or her work with a broader audience, looking one’s best, and even wearing a costume! (Our performance will be April 29 or 30.) The musical selections for this show all come from famous fairy-themed ballets, to ensure this taste of the broader art form is as immersive and relevant as we can offer.

To find the right balance of performance preparation and continuing to help dancer’s progress, the “Performance Extension” has been added at the END of our 12 week semester. Classes during these additional 3 weeks will primarily focus on preparing for our show and be run more like a warm-ups and rehearsals. We hope your dancers are intrigued by and enjoy experiencing a new facet of ballet: connecting that the purpose of diligent class work is to prepare for the opportunity to SHARE the beauty they have been laboring to master!

To ensure as many dancers are able to participate in our Performance Extension and “Fairy Tales in the Garden” performance as possible, we are keeping costs low. The performance will be in-house and no admission will be charged. Additionally, tuition for the performance extension is just the normal price of 3 additional classes, plus a small $10 costume and performance fee.

Performance Extension tuition includes attendance at an exciting workshop: “Performance Prep: Moving Through a Performance Experience Like a Pro.” Attendees will learn industry terms for the theater, stage directions, how to do a ballerina bun, and more! This is slated for a Saturday in March (details announced soon). (If you cannot participate in the performance extension, you may still attend this workshop. The cost is just $5 for Ballet Aligned students, and $10 for others. Parents may attend for free.)

We hope you choose to participate in our Performance Extension, and attend or participate in “Fairy Tales in the Garden.” We know the art of ballet has a magical quality, and we hope your journey through it encounters the magical as often as possible and in delightful ways!

Happy Dancing!