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2023-24 Class Schedule - Subject to Change


2023-24 Classes Include:

Age 2-5: Mommy and Me Movement and Story Time 

For the smallest dancers, this story-based, 30 min dance class will teach elements common to ALL dance forms, integrating imagination and movement to build physical skills, AND show parents how to use movement to help children with hyperactivity, coordination, focus, expressing emotions or feelings, building confidence, and MORE! There is no dress code required for this class. Parents ARE required to attend and participate with their child(ren). No non-participating siblings or children under 2yo allowed in the class. This class can be taken for a year or full semester for a discount, OR just 4 weeks at a time. (This class does not participate in performances.)

Age 3-6: Mini Session Classes 

For new dancers ages 3-6, this 45 minute class builds on dancers' natural abilities, gently introducing them to ballet class structure, themes, and technique by engaging their movement and imagination, all to the music and themes of classical ballets. This year dancers will learn and imagine to Peter and the Wolf, Firebird, Swan Lake, and others!  There is no dress code. Parents are invited to watch for the last 10 min of every 4-week session. This class can be taken for a year or a full semester for a discount, OR just 4 weeks at a time. 

Age 5-7: Ballet Beginnings 

For new and progressing students, this 45 min class moves a curious and energetic dancer down a path to better “dancing,” introducing concepts like musicality and movement dynamics while building body coordination and utilizing the dancer's imagination! The curriculum is based in creative movement (which is the foundational concepts of all dance forms), with some ballet steps and terminology.

Age 6-8: Ballet Basics

For the new and progressing ballet dancers, this 60 min class begins to establish positions, name the names of the movements, and instruct more comprehensively on correct execution of ballet technique. There is still space for the flow of imagination, using lots of creative imagery and encouraging the dancers in their free expression. There is a dress code requirement for all students. 

Age 7-10: Ballet Basics II 

For new and progressing young ballet dancers, this 60 min class is similar to Basics I in content, with with accelerated pacing, as Basics II can be taken once OR twice a week for faster progression both through ballet terminology and in body strength, flexibility, and coordination. There is a dress code requirement for all students. (Dancers age 9+ are strongly encouraged to take twice a week. Dancers under age 11 will not be advanced to Foundations Prep until they have taken Ballet Basics II twice a week.)

Age 8-11: Foundations Prep 

This 1.5 hr class is taken twice a week to help dancers establish a sense of personal responsibility for their progression in ballet technique, and it begins to develop strength and placement through the dancer's core and ankles in preparation for the Foundations classes and work en pointe. The last 15 min of each class is optional and used to rehearse roles for our ballet performances. There is a dress code requirement for all students with specific colors required for those who will perform. 
Cost: 40.5 hrs of instruction - $492.50 (No performance: 33.75 hrs of instruction - $425)

Age 11+: Foundations w/ Pointe/Pointe Prep/Beginning Pointe

For new and progressing dancers, this class utilizes an approach to training developed by Steffanie Casperson in her professional career and refined over a decade teaching. The 2 hour class is designed to lay a solid foundation of focus, alignment and core placement that will strengthen and clarify classical technique, as well as introduce dancers to work en pointe and/or increase their pointe work proficiency. The last 30 min of one class each week is only for those dancers intending to participate in the BA performances. There is a dress code requirement for all students with specific colors required for those who will perform. 
Cost: 56 hours of instruction - $628 (No performance: 49 hours of instruction - $544)

Performance Class - By Placement Only 

This class (2x/wk minimum for a total of 5 hours/wk of class and rehearsals) is for intermediate to advanced students with 2 years of experience on pointe AND who are attending other approved ballet classes an additional 2x/week minimum. In addition to strengthening technique, dancers are expected to perform in Ballet Aligned productions and Education and Outreach opportunities. They are also prepared for Summer Intensive auditions and encouraged to attend these and the annual YAGP competition (though both are optional). 
Cost: 65 hours of instruction - $622

Teen/Adult Beginning/Intermediate Ballet Class 

This 1.5hr, once a week class is for dancers ages 12+. Come try ballet, get a great work out, or add the class to your Ballet Aligned training to refine your skills! There is no dress code, and this class is not part of the Ballet Aligned productions.

Why should you take classes with Ballet Aligned?

1. We have the best teachers in the valley, focused on fostering a love of classical ballet for our beginning students, and focusing on establishing a solid technical foundation for our students as they advance.
2. ALL our students are invited to perform in our shows if they are able to make the performance commitment, which only falls on ONE WEEKEND PER SEMESTER! And our shows are NOT recitals but narrative story ballets, often featuring professional guests, that raise money (over $6,000 donated in 2022-23) for worthy Cache Valley causes! (Check out BalletBenefit.com to see pictures from our shows last year.)
3. SO AFFORDABLE! At our highest levels, taking classes 3x/week for 2hrs each time (AND MORE), ballet over an entire year, including costumes fees and all the rest, is UNDER $1500!
4. Our fully enrolled students (AND their parents!) who attend 2x/week or more are invited to attend Ballet West performances in SLC FREE of charge! More about these AND other community outreach events at BalletAligned.com/events.
5. Because ballet is a classical art form, there are no competitions or conventions you are required to attend, and no competitive/intimidating mindsets or personalities to navigate around.
6. Because we believe in the development of the whole artist, our students receive discounts (new for the 2023-24 school year) to train with our partner, Utah Festival Conservatory to help them become powerful storytellers as well as skilled dancers!