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Swan Lake Story Time, Friday, April 30, 1pm

Steffanie Casperson, who performed Swan Lake as a professional dancer, will read the story of this beloved ballet, share about her experience performing it, and help participants try a few of its core concepts! Space is limited and registration is required, so sign-up to attend TODAY!

Click HERE for more info and to register for the Swan Lake Story Time

Registration OPEN for MAY 3-June 4 Portion of our expanded Summer Session!

Classes offered this summer will include:

For beginning dancers, ages 3-5 - Mini Sessions
Based on classical ballets, this three, 45 min class session is a perfect introduction to ballet class structure and ballet as an art with lots of imagination and play mixed in! (Open NOW: "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping Beauty") See link below.

For beginning dancers, ages 5-8 - "Ballet Beginnings." This hour long class moves an energetic dancer down a path to better “dancing.” She/he becomes more coordinated throughout the body, finds musicality, begins to work on joint mobility and flexibility, and is encouraged to use his/her imagination and create movement. (Open NOW May 10-June 4)

For dancers age 6-11 who have ideally attended a session of Ballet Beginnings - "Ballet Basics"
This hour-long class begins to establish positions, name the names of the movements, instructs more comprehensively on correct execution, while still giving time for free expression, movement, and creativity. (Open NOW May 3-26) See link below.

For beginning/intermediate dancers ages 8-11 with prior dance instruction - "Ballet Foundations"
Expanded to 1 hr 15 min twice a week, this class begins to require much of the focus necessary to mastering ballet technique, focusing extensively on correct alignment and core placement, literally establishing the foundation upon which refined ballet technique is possible. (Open NOW May 10-June 4) See link below.

For intermediate dancers beginning or preparing for pointe shoes (ages 10+) - "Pre- Pointe"
This class runs for 1.5 hrs twice a week with a focus on ankle strength, foot articulation, and strong core placement. It can be taken on pointe or flat. (Placement in the class is the decision of the teacher. This class may be taken as a supplement to instruction in other ballet schools.) Registration opening in May; classes begin in June.

A Boys Class will be offered and age range, class length, and instruction will be targeted towards participants. This class will be taught by a male instructor focusing on aspects unique to male dancing, and using imagery more inspirational to enthusiastic male dancers. (Registration opening in June, classes begin in July.)

Musical Theater Week-long Workshop for dancers ages 10+
Classes are daily (M-F) for 1.5 hrs. Participants practice story telling through movement, facial expressions, stage direction and basic choreography while gaining confidence and adaptability in their performance. (This class will cover beginner dance concepts and may not be beneficial for dancers with extensive training.) More details coming soon! Class in July and/or Aug.

If these classes/times don't meet your needs, create a CUSTOM SESSION! Choose your day of the week, frequency of the class, and even your class participants. Custom Sessions help you to ensure YOUR dance needs are met. Click below to see offered time options and further details and create a request for YOUR Custom Session. (See link below.)

Click HERE for Summer Semester FAQ