The Night Before Christmas

Performance Date(s) COMING SOON (Dec 8-13)

Ballet Aligned is delighted to announce a new ballet, The Night Before Christmas, for our community this December. This production will benefit the Little Lambs Foundation which provides comfort kits and baby supplies to children in need. We are partnering with Joel Ackerman and the Utah Festival Conservatory to create an immersive tale for the stage with a powerful message. Joel is an author, producer, and currently the Creative Director for Angel Studios. Working with the Festival Conservatory will round out the production and add to the quality we've come to expect on local stages. More details and a registration link below.

All students age 5-12 who register for classes before Sept 30 and who keep their performance commitment will receive a part in this production.
(A sample of the performance commitment is below.)
The performance fee is $25/performer.

Save the DATE for our Performer and Parent Meeting on Thursday, Sept 29, 7-8pm

We have a theater! Ballet Aligned is delighted to announce our Night Before Christmas production will take place in the Utah Theater. Performance dates and times coming soon, but the show will close on Dec 13!

We'd love to help all our students experience excellence and professionalism throughout the production process. Our Performer and Parent meeting will familiarize students with theater terms and roles, you'll get to meet Ballet Aligned's Stage Manager and Costume Mistress (additional "bosses" of the production), find out about the parent volunteer roles for this show, learn more about our fundraising partner, Little Lambs, and master all things related to helping your dancer look and feel his or her best!

Please mark this on your calendars and PLAN ON ATTENDING so our production can be smooth, efficient, and all participants can enjoy an exciting level of professionalism.

Additional Casting, Costuming, and Rehearsal Information will be posted to THIS PAGE


  • Click the link above to be taken to Ballet Aligned's online store.
  • The performance leo is listed first for your respective class. NOTE THE REQUIRED COLOR BELOW.
  • Your first purchase here receives 10% off, so if you need new tights or shoes for the performance, buy those NOW. (Performance tights and shoes should be clean, stain free, and in good repair.)
  • Non-Performance dress code should be observed when dancers are not in their performance dress code. For Basics and above, this is black leos and ballet pink tights and ballet slippers for girls, black shorts above the knees with solid white t-shirts with black ballet slippers for the boys. (The online store includes our recommended styles for non-performance leos.)

Mini Session class: Lambs............................. TH5507C in BLACK (girls only; boys long sleeve black t-shirt)
Ballet Beginnings: Gingerbread People....... D5103C in CARAMEL (boys and girls)
Basics I: Mice.................................................... CC400C in WHITE (girls only; boys in white t-shirt)
Basics II TUESDAYS: Hobby Horses.............. N5500C in CHOCOLATE (girls only; boys no leotard required)
Basics II THURSDAYS: Tin Soldiers............... TH5536C in ROYAL (boys and girls)
Foundations Prep: Sugar Plums.................... TH5112C in BALLET PINK
Foundations I: Candy Canes.......................... D5103 in RED (small = D5103C)
Foundations II: Rag Dolls................................ D5103 in RED
Performance A: Elf........................................... N5502 in FOREST (small = N5502C)

Santa: TBA
Elf: TBA
Moore Children: TBA

GUEST ARTISTS (courtesy of Ballet West Academy):
Kai Casperson as Mr. Moore
Chloe McCallister as Mrs Moore and doll(s)
Reindeer: TBA

Ballet Aligned's Performance Agreement

I acknowledge that by registering for this class, I will receive a part in the production, The Night Before Christmas. I recognize that:

1) As this is a NEW ballet, parts will not be assigned until 2-4 weeks AFTER classes begin.
2) I am under no obligation to perform. If I choose not to participate in the performance(s), I may recieve a refund of my $25 performance fee, IF I opt out no more than 1 week after the performance location and date(s) are announced.
3) In order to perform, I will need to purchase appropriate tights, shoes, and leotards required by the class's corresponding performance dress code. This will be sent AFTER roles are assigned. These must be purchased and worn to classes no later than Nov 1 by anyone intending to perform.
4) In order to perform, I must attend 85% of my classes before Oct 29, and ALL my classes after Oct 30. (This helps ensure dancers are prepared for the show and confident in their role.) If my attendance is below this mark, I MAY not be able to perform.
5) I will attend 1-3 additional Tech and Dress Rehearsals held at Ballet Aligned AND on the stage where we will perform, that these will NOT be at my regular class times, and will likely take place up to 7 days before the performance.
6) If I miss these, it MAY result in me NOT participating in the performance. (There will be no refund of tickets or performance fees.)
7) Any exceptions to the attendance requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis in consultation with your teacher AND director, Steffanie Casperson.

More About This Benefit Production and Our Collaborative Partners

Ballet Aligned believes in the power of art as a force for good in the world. Director, Steffanie Casperson, conceived of the ballet not only as a way for her dancers to share their talent in the community, but also to literally uplift hearts. To this specific end, she reached out to the Little Lambs Foundation, which provides comfort kits to children escaping domestic violence and in emergency shelters and foster care, to offer the production as a benefit to their cause. Ticket sales of this production will go directly to the Little Lambs Foundation to further their mission of caring for children. Read more about this organization here.

Desiring to optimize the impact of the story for the audiences, Casperson asked Joel Ackerman to write the libretto (the story arc of the ballet) based on the beloved poem by Clement Clarke Moore, and adapted for the stage. Ackerman is a master story-teller: he has written/produced/directed over 100 videos (ads and other branded video content) which have been viewed nearly half a billion times. He is the Editor in Chief of Print Immortal, a publishing company that publishes “works worthy of immortality” and is also a published author and poet. He currently works as the Creative Director for Angel Studios (distributors of "The Chosen").

To ensure a scale and production quality worthy of the beautiful stage production envisioned, Ballet Aligned reached out to the Utah Festival Conservatory to collaborate on this show. (More about their classes and offerings can be found here.) We are excited to work with our creative partners to create something NEW, the benefit of which is being able to utilize ALL the creative talent and skill we find in our community. Ballets require the talents and vision of artists, musicians, actors, dancers, sound and lighting technitians, costume designers, set designers, carpenters, and more! If you have a skill in any of these areas OR to sponsor this production in any way, please reach out by texting 435.633.1225.

It is our aim and desire to make this a magical, immersive, and moving experience for our dancers, performers, and the audience. We hope you will join us! (OR donate to the cause! Little Lambs Paypal donations can be accepted here or Venmo them @littlelambsofutah.